Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan​

The AI scientist’s ultimate aim is to design machines to mimic human cognitive ability. Cellular automata, expert systems, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, neural networks, pattern recognition algorithms, natural language processing, and voice recognition are among the AI algorithmic techniques he is well-versed with.  He is an expert with the most recent AI programming languages.

With its capabilities, AI will lead the technology-driven world in the coming years. To advance their AI careers, students can master artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and other cutting-edge trends and technologies.

Artificial intelligence is now a larger part of how the world works, and it continues to evolve and enhance the quality of life in a variety of industries. The scope of artificial intelligence is quite broad, that not just the local market but international IT giants like Google and Microsoft hire artificial intelligence developers. Because of projects like PIAIC, the scope of artificial intelligence in Pakistan would be greater than in the past. To engage the youth in the growth of the country’s economy, a national centre for artificial intelligence has been developed across the country. Talented IA experts are often welcomed by software companies in Pakistan, who are paid handsomely. Furthermore, an artificial intelligence specialist can make a lot of money by freelancing in this area. Artificial intelligence applications are being used in Pakistan’s top businesses. Artificial intelligence research labs are located in the following cities in Pakistan.

  • Islamabad (NUST- national center of artificial intelligence)
  • Lahore (UET- artificial intelligence research lab (AIRL))
  • Peshawar (UET- center of intelligent systems and networks)
  • Karachi (The artificial intelligence lab at iba)
  • Haripur (PAF-IAST- Center of Artificial Intelligence)

Robotics, computer vision, language processing, game playing, expert systems, voice recognition, and many other fields provide opportunities for a career in AI. Anyone interested in a career in this profession and is willing to invest in the time and commitment to obtain a high level of education would be easily recruited into this fast growing and rewarding industry.

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